The TKA Art Wall

TKA is blessed with gifted and talented people. We’re also ‘blessed’ with a blank office wall… the perfect exhibition space. So, we’ve married the two.

Each month we display artworks from one of our people. You can expect to see art of all different forms – not just 2D but 3D as well (there’s plenty of space!). The wall space is provided as a viewing gallery – for appreciating and promoting people’s gifts. All artwork goes back to the artist at the end of the month. Of course, if you are interested in their work, you can have your own conversations with the artists at any time.

This month’s artist: focus youth

Art Wall fOCUS.png

 Focus Youth has collaborated on this Easter display entitled: ‘Beauty in the Tomb’.

Through the sacrifice of Jesus’ blood (represented by the red flowers at the ‘tomb’ entrance), the brokenness in the world is overcome through his resurrection from the tomb. We have an assurance of eternal life and a hope in the new heaven and new earth to come.

Focus Youth:
Flynn Braun
Dean Braun
Toby Braun
Kate Lewis
Rome Wallace
Emma-Kate Radcliffe
Isabelle Radcliffe
Peter Marshall
Aaron Leifi
Facilitators: Cherie and Jason Braun