One Day

In a season of losses, it is no flaw to experience sadness. Healthy sadness can help us withdraw from busy lives, take stock and maybe reset where we invest ourselves to focus on what’s precious. But for sadness to be healthy, we need the underpinning of hope. And for this life, there is only one hope. In his song, One Day, Matt Redman beautifully portrays that hope for followers of Jesus Christ.   

One day You’ll make everything new, Jesus
One day You will bind every wound
The former things shall all pass away
No more tears

One day You’ll make sense of it all, Jesus
One day every question resolved
Every anxious thought left behind
No more fear

When we all get to heaven
What a day of rejoicing that will be
When we all see Jesus
We'll sing and shout the victory

One day we will see face to face, Jesus
Is there a greater vision of grace
And in a moment, we shall be changed
On that day

And one day we’ll be free, free indeed, Jesus
One day all this struggle will cease
And we will see Your glory revealed
On that day

Listen to One Day here






The Garden, the Robe and the Crown

The garden. A place of beauty.

Sun filtering

Through tree-stretched shelter.

Leaves softly cushioning,

Blooms, delicately adorning.

The garden is beauty.


But in the garden of the night

Beauty lies deeper.

A figure, bowed and pleading;

Life offered in sweat and blood

While friends sleep.

This garden, too, is beauty


A robe. A garment of honour.

Finest thread, finely woven.

The costliest of pigments

Stained deep, dark.

A vestment of eminence

The robe is beauty.


But on these scourged shoulders

Honour is yet unrevealed.

A soldier’s cloak

Carelessly draped.

Crowing mockery pierces,

While The Lamb silently waits

This robe, too, is beauty.


The crown. A majestic gilding

Artisan fashioned  

From Earth’s precious quarry.

Its gleaming glory

A royal entitlement.  

The crown is beauty.


But on this bloodied brow

The crown of Genesis’ curse

Only lances and stabs.

Crafted by man to taunt,

To the Suffering Servant,

This crown, too, is beauty.