Helena Lee blessed us with a thoughtful prayer for this season of Winter.

Father, we praise you, our unchanging God. 
You are our Heavenly Father through all times and in all seasons. 
In good times and bad, you are there. 
In times of good health you are there with us, and in times of sickness and weakness,
you are beside us, often carrying us;
your unfailing love, your grace and your mercy never abandon us.

As we enter into this season of Winter and its associated downside – increased sickness, weakness and struggle, we ask you to watch over us and keep us.
To heal those who are ailing and to comfort those who feel tired, weak and vulnerable. 
For those who are ill, may your presence be real to them,
your protection and comfort a source of strength.

We pray your blessing on those who are charged with caring for the ill – whether a parent feeling tired, stressed and wrung out from looking after their unwell child,
a spouse caring for their partner,
and especially for those for whom winter compounds existing frailties and vulnerabilities. 
May they find both rest and strength in your Word and in your love.

Also, for all those in the medical profession who are so busy at this time of year,
we pray they will remain healthy, strong in spirit and seek you out
when they are so overwhelmed with busyness and sometimes despair,
that they don’t know what to do.

Finally, for those of us who remain healthy, may we be your hands and feet
this winter season, serving those around us in need. 
Help us be aware of our surroundings, the people in need of food, those who
perhaps can’t afford to heat their home, can’t get to the doctor or pay for medicines,
and those who simply need a break. 

Lead us Lord, to these people that we may serve You and they
in turn can experience your love.
We pray all these things in the name of our healer, our comforter,
our saviour, our Lord Jesus Christ.