The days are coming, says the Living God, when I shall make a righteous Branch spring from David’s line, a king who will rule wisely, maintaining justice and right in the land.
Jer 23:5

Advent, as a Christian tradition, is characterised as the season of preparation, the season of waiting. It is an expression of Israel’s longing for a Messiah, the waiting for One who would save. As an observed event, it runs for four Sundays before Christmas. In the busy-ness of this period, Advent offers a time to reflect back on the point in history when God took on human form: through the birth of Jesus Christ. It also offers a time to reflect on ‘the waiting’ for Jesus Christ to return for his bride, the church.

The Advent hymn, Christ will Come Again written by Brian Wren, reflects this second waiting, encouraging believers to care about peace, justice and compassion, and to share the gospel with the world - while we wait.    

Christ will come again,
God’s justice to complete,
to reap the fields of time
and sift the weeds from wheat:
then let us passionately care
for peace and justice here on earth,
and evil’s rage restrain with love,
till Christ shall come again.

Christ will come again
and life shall be complete.
The waters from the throne
shall wash the nation’s feet:
then let us passionately care
for health and wholeness here on earth,
and ease our neighbor’s pain with love,
till Christ shall come again.

Christ will come again,
and joy shall be complete
as flames of lightening love
bedeck the judgement seat:
then let us passionately share
the whole great gospel here on earth,
until all things attain their end,
when Christ shall come again.

Christ will Come Again, Brian Wren, Advent Christmas and Epiphany, Liturgies and Prayers for Public Worship (Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 2008) and reproduced by permission. Copyright2007 Brian Wren