It is evident in the little things first. Dawn light splintering a curtain. Heavy-footed hopping of birds on the roof. And though the evening air remains chilled, it is the dissipating wake of winter. For most of us the retreat comes none too soon; we’re eager for the returning warmth of the sun.

It’s spring. The season of renewal. We’ve farewelled the icy days that rendered bare anonymous twigs. Now, we’re relishing their adornment. The fresh flush of new leaves and blooms are nature’s apparel - the ‘clothing’ distinguishing one plant from another.  And they are a delight, this brilliant handwork of our Creator.

It was on the second day that God created plants, bringing them into being by his spoken word – “Let the land sprout with vegetation – every sort of seed bearing plant, and trees that grow seed bearing fruit ... Their seeds produced plants and trees of the same kind.” [Gen 1:11-12] So it was for the birds – first spoken into being, then “producing offspring of the same kind.” [Gen 1:21]

Of the same kind.

Everything in God’s creation produces offspring ‘of the same kind’ – from plants to people. The New Testament suggests this truth of the physical realm is also spiritual truth.

“No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit.  Each tree is recognised by its own fruit. ... A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart...[Luke 6:43-35]

Soaking in the unfurling splendour of this season, is it not timely to ask what spiritual seeds am I nurturing? What fruit will these seeds bear - in my life; in the lives of others?

It will be ‘of the same kind’ of whatever I choose to nurture.

It is for me to choose well.