We will tell the next generation

Psalm 78:4


'Next Generation' encompasses a fun learning adventure for children, where they discover the love of a Saviour and find their steps towards journeying in faith. Our dedicated kids teaching team love children and are excited to help them grow in knowing who Jesus is and what it means to follow him.

The Next Generation adventure happens each Sunday during the school term after a time of shared family worship:

1-3 yrs   Crèche offers a happy, safe play space for infants and toddlers while parents and caregivers enjoy the service. 

4-9 yrs   King’s Kids is packed with activities, fun and teaching geared for ages and stages and aimed at building firm faith foundations.

10 yrs+  Focus Youth explores the truth of God’s word through study and social activities to help youth develop their own personal faith
               and equip them to make good choices.

king’s kids social event - 2 november


Focus & King's Kids Christmas Service 2017

King's Kids Holiday Programme | 'Summer' 2017


The TKA King's Kids Holiday Programme ran the gamut from superheroes seeking the lost, Boot Camp for becoming strong and courageous, to prepping for the return to school. An awesome time had by all.