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June 2019

An update from Cyrus:

Hi everybody, My MRI results came back and it was bad news, the Tumor has grown again and it's time to go back on treatment again. I've started a new trial drug called Traminidib which is a chemo pill instead of IV chemo. I take this pill every day, it has some side effects like a bad skin rash, sores, and nail infections.

april 2018

April 27: All went to plan with Cyrus' surgery. The biopsy was successfully extracted and the family are waiting on the results. One tissue sample has been sent internationally and the results of that will be some time away. The other sample is being investigated locally to see whether Cyrus can be included in a treatment trial. In the meantime, Cyrus is recovering well. He experienced a few minor side effects from the procedure but they are gradually disappearing.

April 12: This Facebook post is an update on Cyrus immediately following his biopsy surgery

"Cyrus is out of surgery, he has some pain at the op site and jawline but is otherwise doing ok, he will be under observation for 24 hours with regular checks every half an hour, these tumors can be prone to bleeds so they're keeping a close eye on him. He says 'I changed my mind, surgery isn't as fun as I thought it was, can I have more morphine from the nice nurse?'"


Please pray for Cyrus and the family as he heads up to Auckland on April 11 to undergo a biopsy on his glioma. The results of the biopsy will determine the next steps for his ongoing treatment. Cyrus is looking forward to travelling to Auckland but is a little apprehensive about going through the procedure. Please keep lifting this family for God’s care and keeping. The years of this journey have been stressful.

january 2018

Currently, Cyrus is having a break from treatment, at least for the next six weeks. He will be monitored through a couple of MRIs over the next few months. Please pray for wisdom for the medical professionals who will be making recommendations for Cyrus’ ongoing care. Pray too that Cyrus and the family can enjoy a bit of normal life over this time. And please continue to pray for the Taylors' strength – physical, emotional and financial – to keep walking this journey. Our God is great and gracious.    

December 2017

Please keep this dear family in your prayers. Cyrus' treatment is not having the wished for results, as this recent post from Steve and Rasha outlines:

MRI RESULTS POST: Cyrus had an MRI in September that showed more tumor growth, so another MRI was scheduled for December in the hopes that the current chemo has a chance to work, but the results came back with even MORE growth. We are devastated. This is the worst news to hear just before Christmas. After three different chemo protocols over 24 months, nothing has worked and we are running out of options for our baby.

We are told by the neurosurgeon that surgery is a no-go and they have set up a meeting with the radiation specialist 😔

We will be going through our options (as limited as they are) with a fine-tooth comb. They want to start radiation as early as February (beginning of the school term).

We are angry, sad, and anxious. Cyrus is slowly digesting the news and I'm scrambling to find other options or looking into second opinions. Nothing puts life into perspective like your child going through a cancer that can't be "cured" or "removed". Christmas will never be the same again, remember to love your whanau these holidays and appreciate what you have while you still have it ❤

Rasha & Steve


About Cyrus

Eleven-year-old Cyrus Taylor was diagnosed with a tectal glioma – an inoperable tumour on the brain stem – when he was seven. He initially received treatment in March 2014 at Auckland Starship Hospital and it was hoped that the glioma would lie dormant and allow this special young man time to grow and enjoy all the things anyone wishes for their children.

A year after that initial treatment concluded it was discovered that the glioma had grown and Cyrus began an 18-month round of weekly chemotherapy treatment to arrest its further growth.

April 2017, Cyrus and the family had been looking forward to the conclusion of his treatment. However, scans monitoring the results of the treatment’s effectiveness showed that the chemo had been unsuccessful. So in June this year, Cyrus began a new chemotherapy regime, one involving two years of fortnightly visits to Wellington Hospital for the drugs to be administered. These new drugs leave Cyrus feeling weak and sick. Over time, the effects are likely to intensify.


We love Cyrus and his family – dad Steve, mum Rasha, younger brothers Malachi and Orion. As their church family we are seeking ways to show the love of God to them as they navigate the challenges of Cyrus’ illness and the impact it has on their family life.

Lending a hand

From the end of September through November, church family gave time to help paint the Taylor’s home.