On 4 May 2017, two physically challenged cyclists undertook a fundraising challenge like no other.




Mary grew up in Upper Hutt and represented New Zealand at the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Paralympic Games. Winning five medals and breaking world records was a distant dream as a young blind swimmer. “It only happened because of a wonderful support network and facilities that enabled my passion”.


On 26 September 2008, Phil’s life changed immeasurably. Infected with bacterial meningococcal disease (meningitis) Phil woke from a coma to find out he was deaf, blind and partially paralyzed. With great courage Phil has since made an enormous effort to live life to the fullest – never letting his disability hold him back. Learn more of Phil's story and the challenge.



Phil and Mary set out to raise funds for the Laura Fergusson Community - a charitable community working towards creating better lives for differently-abled people. Find out more about the Laura Fergusson Trust and the great work they do on Facebook .



From 4-6 May 2017, Phil and Mary rode from Greymouth on the West Cost to New Brighton Christchurch, a challenging journey of 256 kilometres and an elevation of 944 metres.

Phil used a purpose-built tandem recumbent cycle, which he powers by hand crank in the rear while an able-bodied volunteer steers.

Mary rode on the rear of a more conventional tandem with her Dad, Mike, up front.

A support crew of friends and family were on hand to help along the way.

Phil map.jpg


You can make donations directly to the Laura Fergusson Trust bank account:

Laura Fergusson Trust       12 – 3400-0002877-001     reference: CHALLENGE


Thank you for your support. It is hugely appreciated by Phil, Mary and all INVOLVED.

If you have any questions or require a receipt for your donation, please contact: supportus@lft.org.nz